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I've got my auto loan, how do I provide proof of insurance?

If you have a vehicle loan with us, you are required to provide proof of insurance. If you do not have full insurance coverage, adequate insurance will be provided by Andigo at an additional cost.

Here are your options:
1. Provide your insurance information online.
2. Instruct your insurance agent to send a copy of the updated insurance policy to us at the address below. 
3. Faxed the updated policy to our Insurance Department at 877.308.8760. (Reference department #5834 in the message.)

Acceptable insurance means full insurance coverage, including comprehensive and collision deductibles of no greater than $1,000, with Andigo named as the lienholder/loss payee. Our lienholder/loss payee is: 

    PO Box 792268
    San Antonio, TX 78279-2268 

Please remember that these insurance requirements still apply if you switch insurance plans or carriers. There can be no lapse in coverage. If you have any questions about your auto coverage, please contact our Insurance Department at 866.439.3614.

What is a Letter of Guarantee?

If you're looking into this, you're probably not having a great day; we're bummed for you and hope to help however we can. If you need one, please have your insurance company fax a request to Andigo Lending Services at 847.538.4563 or email it to lendingservices@andigo.org. So what is it? A Letter of Guarantee is normally something you're dealing with when your car is, well, totaled. It's when your vehicle insurance company has declared a "total loss" because of an accident or if it's been stolen and hasn't been found. The insurance company sends this letter to the company financing the vehicle Andigo or a bank (called the Lien Holder or Loss Payee in this scenario) which will state the dollar amount that the insurance company is willing to pay the financial institution for the vehicle (usually the average retail value of the vehicle minus the insurance deductible) or it will request a loan payoff amount from the financial institution. What if the amount the insurance company pays is not enough to cover the loan balance? Well, then you, the borrower, is required to continue paying on the loan. Not awesome, but the way of the world sometimes. The letter will ask for two more things: 1) that the financial institution guarantee it will release its lien on the vehicle title and send the title to the insurance company once the claim payment is processed and 2) a copy of the vehicle title. Once we send the title, they'll send the funds which we'll apply to the loan and if anything's remaining that you'd need to pay, we'll let you know.

What is mechanical repair coverage (MRC)?

Mechanical Repair Coverage (MRC) protects you from the cost of unexpected auto repair bills — especially helpful as your car gets older when the risk and cost of repairs increase. Here's what you get for your new or used car: fast, efficient handling of claims • flexible plan selections • fair competitive pricing • easy, low-fee transfer to private parties • convenient, toll free claim service • no limit on number of claims • up to $50 in towing expense due to a covered breakdown • rental reimbursement of $30 per day. Even better? Your MRC can be cancelled at any time • is good at any licensed repair facility in US/Canada • only has one deductible per visit. Want more info? Call us at 847.576.5199 or toll-free 877.270.6392. For claims in FL 800.621.2130 (M-F from 7AM- 7PM CST). For claims outside of FL 800.752.6265 (M-F from 7AM- 7PM CST). Stuck on the road? Call 888.723.3202 (24-7).

How can I get a payoff letter for my vehicle loan?

Call us at 847.576.5199 (toll-free 877.270.6392). We'll provide a 10-day payoff letter unless otherwise specified. One big note: the vehicle loan payoff will be higher than the loan balance because interest accumulated since your last loan payment. You can stop into one of our branches to pick the payoff up letter when it's ready or we can mail, fax, or email it to you. Pick your poison.

What are Andigo's auto loan terms?

We're flexible. Here's the breakdown: 84 months: vehicle loans greater than $25,000, no more than two model years old (based on creditworthiness) • 72 months: vehicle loans $20,000 or higher • 60 months: vehicle loans less than $20,000. The interest rate will depend on the usual loan stufff: creditworthiness, term, year, and loan to value of the vehicle you are purchasing or refinancing.